Pickup Truck Bike Rack by FME

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Pickup Truck Bed Mounted Carrier for Bikes and More


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ITEM PRICE THE RACK - the bike rack for pickups 159.95 cdn  (way less in U.S. funds)
plus applicable taxes and shipping


Product Description



The Rack carries 4 mountain bikes,upright, in the bed of a pickup truck. It's quick and simple to install and remove - all you need is a screw driver. The Rack attaches to trucks with stake holes with the "stake block assembly" which includes a bolt and toggle anchor. The stake blocks can also be fitted to trucks without stake holes by drilling a 3/8 inch hole in each box rail.

The Rack can also be installed on trailers or used as a fixed outdoor or garage bike rack.

The Rack secures bicycles between pairs of forks that glide on two six foot anodized aluminum tubes. The forks are infinitely adjustable and lock to hold the bike by it's down tube and front wheel. The bike wheels rest on the floor of the truck bed. The standard Rack comes with 4 pairs of forks to carry 4 bikes. Extra fork pairs are available from FME.

High-quality durable weather-resistant components

1. custom fabricated plastic stake blocks and forks
2. anodized extruded aluminum tubing
3. stainless steel hardware
4. neoprene rubber and clear vinyl protective padding
5. rubber-dipped heavy gauge galvanized steel Rack Lock with 2 inch brass padlock
6. 7/16 inch chrome vanadium fork wrench

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Features of the Rack - the forks are infinitely adjustable

1. Lightweight and easy to attach and remove
2. Fits trucks with or without stake holes (for trucks without, drill two 3/8 inch holes)
3. Carries 4 bikes upright and securely
4. No need to remove front wheel
5. Truck and bike finish protected
6. Carries most bikes
7. Fits any make or size of pickup truck
8. Can be used on a trailer or as outdoor/garage bike rack
9. Holds other items - lawn mowers, barbecues, barbecue tanks, etc.
10. The Rack and the bikes can be secured to the truck to deter theft

The Rack is Functional and Versatile

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The Rack comes with The Rack Lock which deters theft by preventing the removal of the Rack from the truck box. It is made from heavy gauge galvanized steel and comes with a two inch brass padlock. Bikes can be locked to The Rack with bike locks or secured by a cable to the padlock.


How to contact the company

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For more information, a product brochure or to place an order, please contact


150 Spatuck Road
East St. Paul Manitoba, Canada
R2E 0J7

Phone (204) 667-5883